Innovating Innovation – New frontiers for enterprise innovation



20-21 October 2014

CNR, Aula Convegni, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7, Roma

The Italian partners of the Bivee project (CNR, Engineering, Loccioni and Università Politecnica delle Marche), together with AICA, Media Duemila, and Stati Generali dell’Innovazione present the 2nd Bivee Italian Stakeholder Conference: Innovating Innovation - New frontiers for enterprise innovation.

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Innovation is one of the most important strategic driver to exit the crisis and boost the economy and, more generally, the growth of the country (even if it declined in the size of capital).
The conference ‘Innovating Innovation’ aims to create a space for discussion and exchange on emerging solutions, the enablers, but also the main issues related to enterprise innovation.

In a highly competitive globalized world it is necessary to rethink globally the methods, tools and strategies necessary to promote, facilitate, support and manage innovation in its various forms (product, process, technology, organization, etc.), paying particular attention to SMEs who, lacking the necessary critical mass, ask for the building of collaborative networks innovation oriented. 


The conference is addressed to all subjects highly involved in innovation: 

  • Innovation Champions
    Companies that are able to adopt new paradigms and tools for continuous innovation. For example reorganizing supply chains of innovation based on open networks, to the territory, to Universities, to new partnerships, with a new approach to creativity and leadership.
  • Innovation Angels
    Universities, research centers (public and private), hi-tech companies, consultants are able to offer solutions to stimulate, support and manage innovation.
  • Innovation Promoters
    Intermediate bodies, institutional (e.g.: Regions, Cities, Ministries in charge, Chambers of Commerce) and not (Associations, Confederation of Italian Industry, Venture Capital & Private Equity), able to promote and encourage innovation.


Monday, October 20th
Pre-conference tutorials and demos

Results of the European projects Bivee and MSEE will be presented in the form of tutorial sessions. Also, there will be room for presentation of demos, posters, reports on other solutions to support innovation in innovative firms, networks of start-ups and SMEs. There will also be open talk sessions with prominent figures of new innovation models. 

Tuesday, October 21st

The conference will consist of 3 sessions with intervention by the 3 types of actors mentioned above. Each speaker is asked to summarize in 10-15 minutes, on the basis of his/her own experience, answers to the following questions:

  • What the factors that facilitate and promote innovation (Innovation Boosters)?
  • What the factors that hinder and slow down innovation (Innovation Blockers)?
  • What is your vision, and strategy to boost innovation in the country?

At the moment, speakers from the following organizations have joined: AGID, OPEN, ATEN IS, Consorzio Roma Ricerche, Distretto Oreficeria Arezzo, ENEA, Engineering, IBM, LUISS EnLabs, MSEE Project, Regione Lazio, Sapienza Innovazione, Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, Univ. Politecnica delle Marche, Univ. Roma 3, Univ. Tor Vergata.

Download the agenda


Scientific Committee
Michele Missikoff (Coordinatore), Piero Bucci, Massimo Canducci, Cristina Cristalli, Claudia Diamantini, Tommaso Federici, Lino Fiorentino, Claudia Guglielmina, Sergio Gusmeroli, Nello Iacono, Daniela Isidori, Roberto Magnifico, Chiara Maresia, Flavia Marzano, Paolo Merialdo, Carla Milani, Franco Patini, Francesco Pedullà, Domenico Potena, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Maurizio Proietti, Raffaele Pullo, Maria Pia Rossignaud, Paolo Spagnoletti, Giuseppe Stecca, Francesco Taglino, Isabella Terzoni, Stephen Trueman, Gianmarco Veruggio.

Istituto di Analisi dei Sistemi ed Informatica “A. Ruberti” – CNR: Francesco Taglino (Coordinatore), Maurizio Proietti, Fabrizio Smith.
Gruppo Loccioni: Isabella Terzoni.

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